Make a perfect Americano

Make a perfect Americano is pretty easy. It isan espresso based drink made with hot water and espresso, also called a Caffe Americano. Great, but what if you do not have a good espresso machine handy? Well, QuicKafe™ is an answer!

The drink can be made with either one or two single servings of QuicKafe™, and varying ratios of water. Diluting the single server OK™ brings the flavor closer to a drip coffee: which might be where the name originated! The exact origin of the term is not clear, but it’s thought to have originated in the 1970’s. “Americano” means American in Italian or Spanish, referring to the coffee’s strength being closer to an American-style drip coffee.

A true Americano does not include milk like a latte, cappuccino, or macchiato.

How to make a perfect Americano with a single serve QK™? Simply empty one QK™ into an empty much and ad about 8 to 10 ounces of hot water. Please note, your beverage uses a lot of water so makes ure you use clean, filtered water.

Remember, bad water = bad coffee.

The great news is you can now enjoy you perfect Original Americano with 6 different flavors – if you wish.

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